August 30, 2023

Albert Pujols Softball Game 2020

Anual Allstar Softball game hosted by Albert Pujols and MB Baseball Academy, Gathering more than 20 MLB Players and 500 fans. A day event for the family to get pictures with MLB Allstars, activities, buffet and more.

7 inning game where the MB Allstars won 12 to 10.

The MB Allstars led their offense with 3 Homers from Carlos Gomez and 2 Homers from Nelson Cruz.

Albert Pujols led his team with 1 HR and a Double with 4 RBI's.

The game started at 10:00 AM with a ceremony singing the Dominican and American National Anthem. The fans got pictures and signatures from MLB players before and during the game. After the game we had buffet for all the players and fans.

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