August 30, 2023

MLB Showcase

With the presence of scouts from the 30 MLB Teams and the top prospects of the region. Complete showcase with 60 yard run, BP, Defense and game. Great event for players to get exposure and play against the best.

Get exposure with MLB Teams and compete in the highest level.

Group of the 20-25 best players are selected to participate in our monthly showcase for MLB Teams.

Players get to expose themselves during the workouts and the game. A 9 inning game is played ensuring at least 3 at bats per player. Pitchers throw minimum of 4 batters and a max of 6.

All are showcases are organized with the highest standars offering player a safe environment to exhibit their abilities.

In our showcases we use Rapsodo and video cameras to collect data. After the showcase we analyze the data to work on improvement with each player.

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